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Professional Cleanings

Professional cleanings (dental prophylaxis) performed by a registered dental hygienist form the foundation for detecting and preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

Gum disease (periodontal disease) is responsible for about 70% of adult tooth loss.


It is characterized by swollen, inflamed gums surrounding the teeth. Plaque, a sticky substance that forms in the mouth from food, saliva, and bacteria gets inside the space between the gum line and the tooth. If not removed, plaque hardens into a substance called calculus or tartar that is very difficult to remove. Eventually, the bacteria in the plaque and tartar eat away at the fibers that hold the gums to the teeth, creating deep pockets. As bacteria spreads, the pockets become deeper until the bacteria finally eat away the bone that holds the tooth in place.


Think of it as if bugs were eating away at the soil around a tree trunk. Eventually, they eat away all of the soil and part of the tree’s roots, causing the tree to collapse.

Your hygienist will check the pockets around your teeth to see if there is gum disease present, remove any plaque or calculus, and polish away any stains, noting any areas of particular concern.


In conjunction with Dr. Chalmers, she will design a custom homecare regimen based on each patient’s individual needs. Taken into consideration are such factors as the patient’s overall health, medications being taken, limitations due to physical disability or other constraints, and the patient’s nutrition and eating habits.

Dr. Michele Chalmers is very proud of the hygienists in her Pleasanton office. They are highly trained, and are dedicated to actively helping their patients establish good home care habits that will last a lifetime.