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Accepting New Patients

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Nitrous Oxide and Sedation Dentistry

Although you may feel as if you are the only person with anxious thoughts associated with going to the dentist, you are definitely not alone!  In 2000, the U.S. Surgeon General’s report on Oral Health found that about one third of all adults in the United States do not regularly see a dentist for treatment, and that significant fear of dental treatment was the main reason for dental neglect and poor oral health in our population.   Studies show that about 10% of all dental patients have a high level of dental fear, and about 5% have dental phobia, and that 18% of all patients would see their dentist more frequently if they could take a medication to reduce their nervousness.  Dr. Chalmers is well aware of this, and strives to alleviate her new patient’s fears of going to the dentist in a number of ways.


First and foremost, Dr. Chalmers will sit and talk with you, and discuss any concerns you may have.  By thoroughly understanding your situation, Dr. Chalmers can help design an approach that can work for you.  One way to help alleviate anxiety is by making sure you thoroughly understand the proposed dental procedure in advance, or conversely, you may not care to know details.   We can plan several shorter appointments, or fewer longer ones.  Patients can have a hand signal indicating you are in need of something, even if it is just to take a little break.  Patients are also encouraged to bring in their favorite music or audio book to listen and relax to.  Remember, dental fears are not at all uncommon, and the more Dr. Chalmers knows, the better she can help find workable solutions for you.


Other ways Dr. Chalmers can help alleviate your dental fears are by making sure that any discomfort is reduced as much as possible.  She will often use nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” which is one of the most common forms of in-office pain control.  The gas may make you feel relaxed or even euphoric, and the effects of the gas wear off quickly once the gas is turned off.   Nitrous oxide can be used alone or in conjunction with appropriate prescription oral medications to be taken prior to your planned dental appointment.   Valium, Halcion and Ativan are three such types of oral pre-medications.   By using these various approaches, your anxiety level can be significantly reduced, more can be accomplished with each dental visit, and the entire appointment can seem to take less time.  Dr. Chalmers truly wants you to finally feel good about your dental health, and is dedicated to helping you achieve that goal in a warm and caring environment.  Please make that call.  You will be glad you did.