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Cosmetic Dentistry

Imagine yourself with the smile of your dreams! With the latest dental technologies available, you can now realize the confidence and pride of that radiant, beautiful smile you have always wanted. It can be said that cosmetic dentistry delivers more impact and value to the patient than any other cosmetic procedure, for our smile is often the first thing people notice about us, and the one thing we always notice about ourselves in the mirror each morning.


An attractive smile can give you that edge in the business world and convey that you take pride in yourself and the work you do. A whiter brighter smile, and reshaped, or lengthened teeth can make you look years younger. For many people, cosmetic dentistry can affect their entire outlook on life, and how they face the world.

Dr. Chalmers will formulate the best path of treatment for your individual smile, and she will make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed. She will also take photographs and models of your teeth, and thoroughly explain the various cosmetic treatment options available to you.


Some of the best treatments we can use to greatly improve your smile are modern tooth-colored fillings that are virtually undetectable when compared to the traditional silver amalgam fillings. Porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges can be placed instead of gold or silver, and the new all- porcelain technology can replace the older traditional porcelain crowns eliminating that unsightly black line at the gum line. Zoom! whitening in the dental office or at-home bleaching can brighten your entire smile, and teeth can be invisibly straightened with Invisalign. Your whole look can now be instantly transformed with the natural beauty and translucence of porcelain veneers. Why wait?